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Meet Beck: best known for being a TV presenter, stylist, producer, wife, mama & Cronulla local (just to name a few, the list seriously goes on!). We caught up with her to get a little insight into her day-to-day life and she even shared a couple sneaky styling tips!

Tell us a couple things about yourself:
I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 1998 and had major surgery to remove 28inches of my small intestines! I’m in remission now! 
What does a typical day in your life look like?
well our little 22 month old Presley is a VERY early riser so we are up around 5am eeeeek. Lots of coffee runs before the daycare drop off! Then I like to try and walk by the beach most mornings.
My husband is a Film Producer/ Writer and we are working on our second feature film right now so I’m quite busy co-ordinating all the Wardrobe along with commencing marketing/ PR for the film!!
What’s your everyday makeup routine like?
I always ensure I use a good cleanser first thing in the morning; then moisturiser, Primer, foundation and a setting powder... to finish I love a good Bronzer!

What's something you've learned since becoming a mum, that you wish you had known prior?
Get a good sleep consultant! Haha! 
We waited 7 months and had barely any sleep as Presley was a terrible sleeper and once we hired the sleep consultant it saved us!!!! Lifesaver! We used Jen from Wot Baby!  I’ve also learnt to not sweat the small stuff... I try and think; is this gonna matter in ten years?!

What item/product do you always keep in your hand bag?
My Chloe Perfume roller stick! (And baby wipes hahaha) messy bub always seems to have sticky hands from food! 

What clothing make you feel most confident? Do you have any fashion tips/tricks?
I live in cut off denim. Living by the beach I’m always casual (as well as running after a toddler hehe) so tank tops and denim are my go to! 

I think my tip is to accessorise! Honestly it’s easier than you think... add a chunky necklace and bracelet and throw on a cap or a full brimmed hat and voila! 

Being a shire local, what are a couple of your go-to spots?
Jase and I are big coffee lovers so frequent Grind Espresso and Blackwood Pantry a lot! 
I think it’s important to shop local where possible so my go to for an outfit would be Dutchee Dutchee ~ I think it’s so lovely that it’s a family owned business and the whole family work there... I have gotten to know them all and often ask their advice on babies as they all have their own kids...  
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