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Meet Esther, otherwise known as @estherhombsch.
Her instagram serves up a whole lot of aesthetically pleasing photos with a side of authenticity and #realness through her captions and we love her for that.


Tell us a couple things about yourself:
I was born in Hobart, Tasmania and moved to Bendigo, Victoria at the age of 14. I then moved to Brisbane, QLD at 18. From the age of 8 I raced BMX and continued racing competitively until the age of 21/22. Between 17 & 21 i was racing at an Elite Level and had the opportunity to travel internationally to race. It was only due to injuries and changes in life that I took a step back. 
As we all know the universe can throw us a curve ball and in Jan/Feb 2019 I set out to create my very own blog & website. I began to share my travels with the world. It was my goal to have a shareable blog by April 2019. I completed this in around a month and had a blog and website live in March. 
I had always dreamed of being a blogger, helping people and becoming a successful writer. It was my dream to monetize it and live the life of a travel blogger and land brand deals to fund that dream. 
I started to leverage my personal brand as a travel blogger and landed my first ever brand deal. From here I continued working with brands on all different levels (paid, gifted and affiliate). 
Since, I have had many successful collaborations (& rejections) and this set a passion alight inside of me. I decided I wanted to help people land brand deals and work with the brands of their dreams. Currently I am working in collaborations for a well known lifestyle clothing brand while working on my own personal brand helping people land brand deals. I have released eBooks, hosted free webinars and been a guest speaker on podcasts. 

What’s your current beauty obsession?
I'm a sucker for fake tan and eyelash extensions. I don't need makeup if I have these two!

What's your morning routine look like?
3:50 Wake up 
4:20 Leave for the gym 
4:50 Gym 
6:00 Home 
6:30 Shower and get ready for the day 
7:20 Mad dash to tidy the house 
7:30 leave for work 
I normally have smoothie or peanut butter, banana & honey on toast with a coffee. I like to keep my makeup routine simple in the morning - a tan & lash extensions are key! 

What’s your coffee order?
At home I love a Nespresso Pod with a sugar - keep it black. Out, I love a small vanilla mocha on almond milk 

What’s the biggest struggle you’ve overcome? What did you learn from it & how did it make you stronger?
Honestly I have so many. But one that really stands out to me was my eating disorder. Back in 2013, my boyfriend at the time broke up with me (I think I was 16...) and I set out to show him what he's lost. I was trying to get 'fit' and 'healthy' - I was a 45-50kg girl at the time. It started to go too far, but I didn't see it that way.
Things definitely escalated quickly and I had lost a lot of weight and I got really skinny. In my eyes, I was still 'fit' and perceived myself differently. I was in a super dark place at the time, where I was living (I had lots of family support) but I wasn't happy in the town we were living in. 
It wasn't until I moved to Queensland in 2015 that things really started to change for me. At that time, I had a new partner and things were definitely a lot more positive for me. A new job, new friends, a better perspective on life. Don't get me wrong there are always days I feel guilty or ashamed but I enjoy food now, I enjoy a drink and I can be social without getting a piece of toast while my friends enjoy a proper meal. 
I guess with all of this came some huge mental health issues which I still struggle with especially anxiety and depression, but I have so much love and support around me. 
I have become so much stronger from all of this. Like a bad day will be bad and I'll have a melt down but I can recover from that a lot quicker. It doesn't linger for a week or a month. I can have my melt down and move on. 

When was the last time you embarrassed yourself?
Ahh... everyday? hah but I really can't remember the last time I really embarrassed myself. I'll usually say something silly or dumb but I cant remember a proper embarrassing moment. I'm sure my husband can remember plenty of moments. 😆

What’s on your bucket list for 2021?
Travel 🙈
Honestly I don't know for 2021. I would really love to travel back to the snow but also I'd like to really turn things up for my personal brand. 

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