Cheeky D Swim is a Cronulla based swimwear label inspired by our surrounding nature and the growing need to help clean and protect our oceans.

Our first micro-collection launched in September 2020 with two goals in mind: educate swimwear-lovers about the effects of ocean pollution and how more sustainable bikinis can have a positive environmental impact. And secondly, to create high quality, flattering swimwear women want to wear. 

Since then, Cheeky D has continued to navigate and put roots down in the Australian swimwear industry.  Most recently we launched into the realm of made-to-order and handmade bikinis with our Handcrafted collection. Handcrafted gives Cheeky D the ability to be consciously sustainable, while offering unique, small batch swimwear in a wider variety of styles and prints. 


A Note from Dee:

I created Cheeky D Swim purely because I was buying SO MANY bikinis each summer. Once I became more environmentally conscious, I really began to understand how my own purchasing habits contributed to greater environmental issues. This led me to start looking for more sustainable options which is when I noticed a gap in the market for sustainable, fashionable and affordable swimwear. I was looking for something that helped the Earth, while making me look and feel great... so I took matters into my own hands!

I’m so excited to share my swimwear vision with you. There has been so much work that's gone into Cheeky D Swim over the last couple years. Thank you to my husband, family and friends who have helped throughout this journey, and to YOU, the customers . Thank you for all your love and support. I hope you fall in love your Cheeky D Swim as much as I have. 

Dee, x